Why should I work with WFG instead of directly with a franchise company?

There are three main reasons:

Options: When you work with a consultant like WFG, we help you identify and evaluate multiple franchises. If you work directly with a franchise company, you will only consider the merits of that particular franchise. So if you’re interested in senior care, we’ll help you compare the 10 to 15 senior care franchises we work with.

The Right Fit: We focus on helping you find a franchise that is the best fit for your interests, financial requirements and long-term goals. We help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and we listen to you — making sure that you make the best possible choice in franchises.

Efficiency: We save candidates time by guiding them through the process, presenting appropriate options and educating them on the intricacies of franchise purchases and management. We also can offer candidates more options for auxiliary services such as real estate and finance than a franchise company allows.

Finally, our FranTech 360 transaction platform makes the entire process transparent and efficient. It serves as the “mission control” platform for the franchisee and franchisor throughout the entire process, offering seamless digital communication and collaboration.

How much do you charge?

Believe it or not, there is no charge to you, the candidate.

WFG works with franchisors as an outsourced division of their company. While they concentrate on serving existing franchisees, consultants like us recruit qualified candidates to open new locations.

Yes, the franchisor will pay us a referral fee if we help you successfully find a franchise. But that does not change the franchise cost for you, as franchisors pay franchise consultants out of their marketing budget.

What is the best franchise to buy?

The answer to this question is different for every candidate. Why? Because there are so many franchises to choose from (we work with more than 400), and in the end, the “best” franchise is the one that best matches your interests, financial goals and lifestyle goals.

Some entrepreneurs are tempted by the franchises that are well-known or “sexy.” WFG is actively involved in the franchise industry and is always on top of the latest franchising trends, but we focus on what’s best for you. It might be a hot new franchise concept. Or it could be an under-the-radar brand that quietly has generated profits for franchisees for years.

How do I get started with WFG?

Call us any time at (561) 476-0312 or use our contact page, and we’ll set up a free, no-obligation consultation at your convenience.

Does WFG work with all franchises?

We don’t work with every franchise — but we do represent more than 400.

We carefully screen the franchise companies that we work with, representing both well-known brands and emerging brands. The under-the-radar, emerging brands are often where we find the best fit

Does WFG work with low-cost franchises?

Yes, we work with many franchises that produce lucrative returns without requiring a steep initial investment. There are franchises you can launch with $15,000 or less in fields ranging from event planning to real estate to travel.

Why buy a franchise when I could start my own business?

When you buy a franchise, you become your own boss, just like the entrepreneurs who start their business from scratch. But you get a headstart in many other ways, because franchises:

  • Have proven business models, with lower risk and better returns
  • Average a lower rate of failure
  • Come with a well-known brands and reputations
  • Require a smaller initial investment than brand new businesses in many cases
  • Feature built-in marketing and operations support for new franchisees
  • Provide bulk purchasing power for franchisees
What type of financing is available?

Despite the current economic challenges, many financial institutions remain available to provide small businesses with access to the funding and working capital that they need.

WFG helps qualified candidates choose from among the various funding programs available to new franchise owners, and we connect them to professional funding partners.

It’s worth noting that franchises are often more attractive to lenders than startups, because they carry less risk and deliver better returns on average.

Are you a good fit for a franchise?

Take our Free self-assessment test to find out.



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